The shore line holds what’s to come…


One of my biggest problems is that I lose sight of the shore too easily.

I know what is to come. I know what the ultimate goal is. I know what I want and what is coming for me. I know this is just a season. Yet, I get myself so far out into the open sea that I can’t see the shore line.

The shore line holds what is to come. If I would just tread water a little longer – its hard and I get tired – but if I would just keep my eye on the shore… not get out too deep… I would remember the TRUTHS. The FUTURE. The PROMISES and it would give me strength to keep treading.

Instead, I start getting momentum when I swim so I think, “Hey, “I’m okay out here…” So I leave the life-vest on the beach and head out by myself into deep water. I keep swimming until I realize I haven’t left enough energy to make my way back, so I’m out there, alone, with no sight of the truths or the promises and I feel like I’m drowning. All hope is gone. All breakthrough I worked for to get here doesn’t feel real.

I’m dehydrated and hungry for truth.

Just because I lost sight of the shore.

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